How To Care For Your Vinyl Records

care for your vinyl records lps 45sFive Steps in keeping your records clean and sounding good.

1. Cleaning solution and microfiber cloth - this is highly recommended when buying used vinyl records to clean them even if they look good. Vinyl records attract dust, hair, dirt and can build up material on the media that we do not see with the 'naked eye.' A quick clean and wipe can quickly turn up the quality of play.

2. Make sure inner sleeves are clean and free of dust, hair, mold or other objects. Some people like to put index cards or notes on tracks they like or use at gigs. A new clean inner sleeve can ensure the vinyl stays cleaner longer. Paper sleeves are much better to use than plastic.

3. Outer sleeves again can keep your jacket and record protected form many unwanted items such as dust, dirt, hair, etc. These days good plastic outer sleeve can be purchased by the 100s - use a 2mil or higher rated material for long term shelf life. Open ended plastic sleeves allows easy access to the record and inner sleeve.

4. Cleaning your turntable needle is often over looked in keeping your vinyl records maintained. This is a quick step that will remove dust and and debris that your need has picked up while you were spinning your favorite records. Stylus brushes are inexpensive and can make your needle last longer too.

5. Turntable cover is an extra step in care for your vinyl records. Some turntables have a plastic lip to open and close and some are just in open air. A plastic cover will allow you between use to keep the dust, dirt and other materials to stay off your turntable platter. When you place side 2 down on the platter to play side 1 that side can transfer mover material or debris to that side.

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