History and Facts of Vinyl Recordings

Vinyl records are still to this date the best way to listen to a recording. This analog format provides to you the original recordings from the artist. Dynamics of music switch to digital wither it be Compact Disc or MP3 formats are compressed. This compression limits the range of sound. You may see some compact discs that make claims that it is remastered or cleaned up from the original recording. This is usually done with digital filters and changes the range and overall sounds.

Vinyl records have been around since 1877 when Thomas Edison but in 1889 the 5” discs were only available in Europe. And 1894 finally came to the United States of America. The 10” was introduced in 1901 then the 12” in 1903. Patents that were filed ended in 1919 and made it then possible for many companies to start producing on there own.

The album was made popular in 1909 by a German company, Odeon, First release was the Nutcracker Suite in a 4 double sided disc set in special packaging. However the year before Deutsche Gramophone release an opera, Carmen. RETURN TO MAIN PAGE

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